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Abramovich’s UK Visa Crisis Takes New Turn

The United Kingdom has refused to renew Chelsea owner, Roman Abramovich’s UK visa demanding that he must explain how he acquired his wealth before he receives a new visa which will allow him to return back to the UK.

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Abramovich missed Chelsea’s FA Cup final against Manchester United as he was not in the United Kingdom due to his visa hitch.

His visa was said to have expired and the Russian was asked to apply for a new investment visa but UK’s new rules require the oligarch to pass a tougher visa test which will include him to prove that his source of income was lawful.

The UK government launched a further crackdown on wealthy Russian investors coming to the UK after the Salisbury poisoning incidence increased tension between Britain and Russia.

Downing Street confirmed it was looking at individuals who were still in the UK and holding tier 1 visas, which allow anyone who invests more than £2m in the British economy to stay for 40 months.

The Chelsea owner’s applications can be rejected if officials believe the applicant is not in control of funds, money has been obtained unlawfully, or the origin of funds means granting a visa will not be conducive to the public good.


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