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Welcome To Essentuki, The Serene Russian Enclave That Holds Promises For Ambitious Super Eagles

Front view, Side view, Pool view and Executive Suite of Sanatorium Istochnik Hotel, Russia.

The Nigerian Super Eagles will use the historical city of Essentuki as their base at the forthcoming 2018 World Cup in Russia.

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Essentuki is regarded as Russia’s cultural capital city, located at the base of the Caucasus Mountains in Southern Russia.

The Super Eagles will lodge at the four-star Sanatorium Istochnik hotel and will train at the Essentuki Arena which is a fifteen-minute drive from the team’s hotel. The Nigerian contingent is expected to land in Russia at least 5 days before their first game against Croatia on June 16.

Here are some interesting facts about the city of Essentuki



Essentuki is situated in Stavropol Krai of Southern Russia, approximately 1600km from the capital city of Moscow. Unlike countries like Argentina whose base are situated in Moscow, Essentuki will be a very interesting location for the Super Eagles training as it will afford the team the opportunity to train without the usual distractions and jamborees associated with capital cities.

Mineralised and Medicinal Spring Water

Being at the base Caucasus mountains, Essentuki is home to many springs and mineralized water which has proven to be effective for medicinal and relaxation purposes. Tourists are often seen in the thermal springs and resort spas that use the mineral water for medical benefits. Mineral water in Essentuki is known to cure stomach diseases, chronic diseases of the liver, gallbladder, gout, obesity and diabetes.


Hotels in the at the Essentuki Area are relatively cheap. Tourists can get a standard lodge for as low as $10- 150. Nigerians who want to see the Super Eagles’ first World game against Croatia on June 16 might consider staying at the Kaliningrad area rather than follow the team to Essentuki. Tourists will have to travel over 2800km from Essentuki to the 35,000 capacity Kaliningrad Stadium if they decide to follow the team to Essentuki.

The Super Eagles will be the only team situated in the Essentuki Area. The country’s group D World Cup opponent, Argentina and nine other teams will have their camps in the Moscow region while Iceland and Croatia will stay at the Gelendzhik and Leningrad regions respectively.

Nigeria have been paired with Argentina, Croatia and Iceland in Group D at the World Cup and will play against Croatia in their first game on June 16 at Kaliningrad Stadium, Kaliningrad.

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