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FIFA Approve New Ranking Formula For World Football Ranking


World football governing body FIFA have made amendment to the formula for calculating the FIFA/ Coca-Cola world rankings.

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FIFA in a statement on its website said under the new guiding principles, the formula will be more intuitive and accurate as potential ranking manipulation will be eliminated.

The statement read, “Following over two years of reviews and studies of different alternatives and a comprehensive consultation process with all confederations, the FIFA administration put forward to the FIFA Council an overhauled formula to calculate the FIFA/Coca-Cola World Ranking.

“Under the guiding principles of making the formula more intuitive and accurate; eliminating the potential for ranking manipulation; and providing equal opportunities to ascend for all teams, a group of sports specialists and statisticians developed a formula based on the method of calculation”

“This formula works not by averaging points for each individual match, but by adding them to or subtracting them from a team’s existing points total – a calculation in which weights are determined by the relative strength of the two opponents and the importance of each match”

This means that the annual average point calculation, which is currently used in the World Ranking formula, will no longer be factored.

The new formula will be used for the first time immediately after the World Cup in Russia July.

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