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FIFA, Football Agents Set For Transfer Parley April 20

World football governing (FIFA) body is set to hold talks April 20 with football agents in a bid to clean up the issues of intermediaries in football transfers as it has invited selected group of agents from around the world.

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FIFA set up the ‘Transfer System Task Force’ last November to consider sweeping changes to present regulations and they want the expertise of top agents to guide them.

The event comes as Premier League clubs prepare to meet this Friday to discuss ways to curb agents’ growing influence – and fees – within the game, following a year-long study by the league into their working practices.

In January, FIFA president Gianni Infantino gave the clearest indication yet that he intends to constrain what he calls “the huge amount of money that is flowing out of the football industry”.

“The commissions paid to intermediaries continue to rise,” he said. “These increasingly larger transactions are often not done in a clean, open manner and raise a lot of questions about potential misuse of funds.

“We have to tackle this issue; the curtains must be open. I want objective calculations and payments that all go through a central clearing house where both the intermediaries’ commissions, transfer fees and training compensations are handled.

“As the world governing body of football it is our duty to deal with this matter.”

Last week, the FA revealed agents were paid £211m by English clubs in the last year – a rise of £37m on the year before.

Meanwhile, UEFA has estimated agents took £2.6billion out of the European game between 2013 and 2017.


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