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Football Fans React To Will Smith’s 2018 World Cup Song

Football fans have reacted to the 2018 FIFA World Cup song released Friday by America Rapper, Will Smith alongside Nicky Jam and Era Istefi, according to a fan ‘it’s very Butlins’

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The song produced by American DJ, Diplo, features a dance beat while the lyrics encourage fans to stick together ahead of the football tournament, which kicks off in Russia on 14 June.

However, football fans across the country have different opinion on the song, while some said it can’t be compared to the previous world cup songs.

A fan wrote, ‘The official World Cup song. Just heard it not too bad but won’t beat vindaloo’.

‘Omg Will Smith’s world cup song sounds like something you hear on holiday around the pool when the reps try and get everyone dancing,’ another replied.

While others said the song didn’t match the vibe of the tournament.

‘This new World Cup song by will smith has proper Russian bounce to it. Can see it now, England losing 4-0 to Panama, drowning my sorrows in vodka doing this while the song plays,’ a Twitter user posted.

‘Nothing says “World Cup in Russia” like a song by Will Smith & Diplo ffs. Not that it’s any worse than official tournament music ever is, but why didn’t they get Dima Bilan to do it?’ one questioned.

Meanwhile, some fans expressed their excitement on the track, revealed it got them in the mood for the tournament.

‘I LOVE IT!! It’s on repeat for the past few minutes and really it’s a really great hymn 2018 WORLD CUP IS COMING,’ a fan commented.

And another added: ‘Just heard the official World Cup song featuring Era Istrefi.. AND ITS F–KING LITTTTT #LIVEITUP.

The FIFA World Cup official music video will be available as from June 7.

Will Smith To Release World Cup Song Friday


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