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How Una See Am: The Nigerian Premier League And MMM

The Nigerian Premier league is one that works wonders without signs, YOU MAY ASK ME WHY? In we league we manufacture penalties without infringements. (That on its own is a wonder remember MMM?)

Warri say e favour monkey naim make am drink milk oh

We LMC dey try wella at least them don ensure say games dey go on for pitch and stadiums don dey full only say wetin NTA come dey capture for the games be like  caricatures of the players cos picture quality wey we dey wash on we screens  isn’t it RA RA.

The Nigerian league from time in material (not in memorial) has been filled with the win at home syndrome that has made the league become what away teams term GOD FORBID. Another wonder occur  this past weekend in kano that brought back memories of the great ADEMASIGBA stadium in ibadan where the referees always would ensure that SOOTHIN stars gets a win via the wonder of a penalty even when no infringement occurs to warrant it – wait for it ::::::::if the soothin player miss he would retake it until he scores before peace would prevail at that venue that day this especially occurs in the 95th minute  ( which is the sign to compliment the wonder of awarding the penalty ) yeah you might say it doesn’t happen only in ibadan, i agree alas na the one i know off i go yarn na abi? So congregation make una yarn una own ooh as per venues for nigeria where wonders dey shele without signs at the end of this gossip.

On Sunday the 4th of March 2018 kano pillars whom in her history hardly loses games at the kano township stadium played host to a privately owned team called GO ROUND FC. Kano pillars won 2-0 courtesy of two penalties that was manufactured by the Referee.

The score line basically ensured that the garri and groundnut i was having for lunch with milk and local honey turned into garri filled with gravel.

Biko nu how do u keep giving home teams penalties to score and ensure them victories? It got so bad that the chairman of GO ROUND screamed that popular word “we shall overcome “guess what? where Go round is located be like cave ooh if u go there just respect yourself play freely knowing that there is 99% chance of your losing the match as their home ground as the venue already intimidates away teams even mountain of fire church team nor dey bother upon all them prayer warriors and good players .

Back to the matter ojare , the manner at which kano pillars got their penalties caused plenty discuss so tae AMINU my mai guard tell me say ” but oga them fit play 10 penalties for game na as far as say FIFA nor restrict am to just one per game” laugh shift my womb.

I asked him where he got that info he laughed and said BUT OGA NA SO NA…

The League Management Company ( LMC) led by my friend Mallam SHEHU DIKKO most please come to the party to ensure that even if its 10 penalties like AMINU said, let at least 9 be deserving , this would ensure that the same fixture in the return leg would be devoid of WURUWURU from get go and avoid fans mutiny against the away teams and referee as if na that same referee officiate the first leg.

Finally my pain be say when we refs give all these WONDER penalties (MMM) to teams and them come use am win we local league once them reach the continental games they always exit in the first round because PENALTIES aint giving to them for free , so let’s ensure that the mantra of hard work pays adding good soccer display plus merited goals becoming the norm of we league, no matter the teams involved and the venues the games are played at so that Nigeria would always present her best in the continent and make us proud always when continental games are played at least if we commot for first round by that deserving league champ of ours we go know say them try and not give flimsy excuses of say na wonder make them nor progress remember say MMM patients still plenty ooh

Abi how una see am?

I await your comments and criticisms ooh Mr and Mrs NOAH (Know it all people)






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