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‘I Paid Wimbledon To Get Replicas Of My Trophies’ – Federer

Eight-time Wimbledon champion, Roger Federer has said he pays to get replicas of Wimbledon trophies saying that the championships are his most treasured.

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“In the past, the replica was very small’, Federer said.

“Now, the winners get a replica that’s only 25% smaller than the original trophy. This change was actually initiated by me.

“Some years ago the organizers agreed going forward to have that larger size. With one exception, I had to pay myself for the replicas of the previous trophies. But it was worth it. I like to have life-size replicas with the names of the past champions engraved on them. So, although I won Wimbledon eight times, I have more than eight trophies at home because I also keep the smaller ones. It feels like I have ‘won’ Wimbledon twelve times”.

“The big ones are at the back and the small ones are at the front and the junior ones are flanking them. It’s an amazing trophy cabinet, of course. You know, I don’t look at them every day but when people come to visit they are like ‘oh my God, this is so crazy!’. And that’s when it hits you too that it is very, very special.”


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