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I’d Like To Play A Final Without A Leg If Necessary- Rakitic

Croatian footballer, Ivan Rakitic has revealed he played against England in their 2-1 semi-final win on Wednesday, suffering malaria.

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And has said he would play at the final even if he has no legs.

The Barcelona midfielder had played alongside Luka Modric who registered a goal for his side from behind at half-time to win before an extra-time goal from Mario Mandzukic to increase their goal haul to two.

“Last night I had a fever, almost 39 [degrees],” he said.

“I was lying in bed finding the strength to play and it was worth it. I would play a final without a leg if necessary.” Rakitic revealed when interviewed.

The 30-year old, Rakitic also added that the hype surrounding the England team on social media did not go unnoticed by Croatia and helped inspire them to victory.

“They thought they were already in the final, with all the things uploaded on social media,” he said.

“They can keep doing their stuff and we will play on Sunday.”

France had won its first and only World Cup in 1998, played on home soil. The Le Bleus defeated Brazil 3-0, while Croatia has not won the FIFA World Cup, but have appeared in the tournament on five occasions (in 1998, 2002, 2006, 2014 and 2018) since gaining independence in 1991.

Croatia will take on France on Sunday for the World Cup final.

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