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Is There Anything Like JUJU Or JAZZ In Sports Or Is It All Just Psychology

Is there anything like JUJU or JAZZ in sports or is it all just psychology??

Like we all know hausa perfume last for ever ooh

The other day I saw an article where the great goal keeper from Paraguay Lius Chilavert claimed that in the 2002 World Cup the German great Micheal ballack had an awful body odor which made his opponent extremely uncomfortable to the extent that getting close to ballack made almost all his team mates want to throw up

That caused me so much “sweet pain” as I realized that in sports generally sports men use more of psychology to weigh down opponents whilst majority of these opponents feel intimidated and thus called it fetish means from their opponents not knowing that it wasn’t Psychology would have been a gold mine for most African teams only if it was taken further , I had a chat with most of Nigeria’s elite “old timers” in sports about this and I learnt a whole lot from our discuss

To them there is nothing like jazz or juju like most of we believe it’s all a psychological tactics to outwit opponents. I remember shooting stars of Ibadan and stationary stores of Lagos always using white handkerchief to deceive opponents to the extent that their players would always wave it at the fans and opponents then tie it around their neck and wrist like it was one special spiritual exercise all to put fear in the opposing team alas Their handkerchiefs had strong Tabu  smell.

Zaire tried this in the seventies at the World Cup even carrying a juju man along to that world cup, till date the outcome for them has been the heaviest defeat in international soccer competitions for Zaire.

Lemme bring this discuss back home and share what some Nigerian legends did in their hey days in sports from the sixties till the nineties.

After I raised the body odor issue of Chilavet and ballack loads of elders sent me messages like Archbishop, I’ve just read your post.

Could it have been a strategy as Chilavert suspected?

I have always thought that the best way for boxers who always clinch their opponents is to spray their armpits with sulpur. (this one make sense die as the opposing boxer go want make the mash end quick before smell end am for am )

Another elder said – Eze nwayi was using Tabu perfume to prepare charms for secondary school teams in the old East Central State. (wonders sha Igbo Kwanu )

Pat Ekeji’s (former national team player and director of sports in Nigeria) Holy Ghost College was number one.

Dan Ngerem’s (former Athletics federation president of Nigeria) CKC also used it wella Amanze Uchegbulam’s Ife Grammar School used it belle full

They were Eze Nwanyi’s clients no disputing it Mr Larry, the founder of Larry’s Angels (now Rivers Angels) was in charge of the Holy Ghost College charm.

In Amanze’s school, they had one guy called Antepar. You’ll never see him ghost pass you,sports  brought men together , What sports brought together let no human being separate them, anyways these are matters for the Elders Council over kolanuts and frothy palmwine all elders know the procedures.

At HOGOSCO, they had guys who knew what to do to scare school teams and these guys did just that. In 1971, HOGOSCO “crushed all schools to become champions. Like my elder said, some stories can only be told in d circle elders ( an elder who isn’t up to 60 years of age cannot decipher these words ra ra. if u need more info pls comment I go explain wella)

All these stories if harnessed and properly document would have been a strong beginning for our home-grown sports psychology as we would have used it in various sporting tournaments like the upcoming commonwealth games and its likes

In China 1985 where Nigeria won her maiden under 16 Kodak World Cup, the bendelites in that team used the Bini language a lot to the teams advantage that is where the popular slang “ saay “ which means allow came out from when a goalie wants to catch a pull out for instance you hear him shout on his players to “saay “ the ball and they dock allowing him to hold the ball

The North Africans use weather and fan base to intimidate opposing teams 110% of the time it’s for the opponent to understand and study these circumstances to be prepared. ooh how I wish I wrote this piece before the last qualifiers for plateau united and mfm maybe just maybe they wouldn’t have collected half a dozen ish goals from the North Africans

So if you still Dey believe say juju or jazz Dey sports as Noah post ur comments make we relate



Sports Archbishop


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