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Seeing The FIFA World Cup Trophy One On One 9th March 2018

As i got my Vip pass to witness the world cup trophy first hand at the Eko hotel and suites i finally understood the adage commonly used in warri “He who always thinks the soup is too much for the Eba cannot handle Greatness”

The trophy represents the greatest sporting spectacle on earth i kwankor now that i finally understand why, it’s amazing how fans see  the world cup trophy and  they are go wild now i code the reason

The world cup has her own aircraft

Her own pilot

Her own body guard

Her own security details

Her own cage

And finally she’s racist as too allowing ONLY past winners to touch her ( what arrogance LOL)

SINCE THE FIRST TROPHY WAS STOLEN AND SNIFFED OUT BY A DOG in the fifties walahi the new trophy deserved what she’s enjoying ooh

The way big men and strong personalities dey respect themselves when them come in contact with the trophy shock my shadow aswear the NFF big wigs were exemplary in their ways whilst around the trophy,even at d private viewing i was astonished to see how various eminent personalities take learn balance and take dressing when them unveil the trophy

I am very sure that even presidents would be extremely jealous of the trophy herself. i salute FIFA 100% as them take give so much respect to the world cup TROPHY

I now understand the way team skippos (captains) feel when them carry the trophy after them don conquer the world YES WORLD

Lemme break down some few verifiable facts for we to “ovastand” why going forward every genuine football (soccer) fan should appreciate the feeling of victory by the winning skippo when he lifts that gold trophy in Russia come july 2018

There are 211 countries that take part in the world cup qualifiers to finally get to 32 teams

The six FIFA confederations decides 31 of the 32 teams that qualify add the host you get 32

Of all the fifa member nations only zimbabwe and indonesia were disqualified before first games started Bhutan,South sudan ,Gilbrater and Kosovo made their debuts

A total of 872( EIGHT HUNDRED AND SEVENTY GAMES) were played, Five african nations qualified as you should know Europe has 54 countires that are grouped into nine groups  off which 14 teams qualified

Now these details na to show we all small waka as regards the competition proper from qualifiers all over the world to the main tournament

the soup (qualifiers) and the trophy itself( the Eba ) is indeed worth it my people

The only painful part be say one human being go carry this trophy after all the wahala?

My people luna don imagine the yawa all these nations dey pass through to reach world cup and how much has been spent in terms of flights ,hotel , allowed, TACTICAL and “let them say ” ( call me for illustrations ) for one human being to lift it?

My final pass na the observation wey i get onto this mata ooh do you know that no large populated nation has won the world cup? Sin nations wey them population Kpoh never ever win the trophy so it’s not by “AGIDI” or land mass oh, winning the world cup is strictly by team work.

Once una become NOAH and disagree no wahala, send me how una see am

Have a good bye


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