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Super Eagles Jersey Unveiling Brouhaha

In WARRI them say ” Where ground plenty them nor dey drag fight”

The super eagles of Nigeria had the unveiling of their Russia 2018 world cup jersey few days ago in London and the entire sporting arena ti ” catch fire ” even mechanics and plumber plus sports analyst are crying and saying all sorts about the design of the jersey some says it’s like ANKARA  others says its  “just there”

My “ish” be say is ANKARA not one of we most sold materials made locally here? Aren’t we Nigerians whom value we culture and don’t disregard we cultural heritage??

Secondly isn’t the jersey meant to be just there? The players suppose wear am go weddings?? Or E suppose get Chinese designs on am since we skippo MIKEL dey based in china?

Anyways i am strongly 100% in support of the design on the jersey , na the quality i nor fit talk about since i never touch or feel am as them never begin sell am Nike noto adenike, has made  20 of their own sponsored top teams in world football with the unveiling of these jerseys. One of the best newspapers in the UK  the daily mirror has rated them from 1-20

You wey fink say u sabi pass sabinus and know fins pass Noah go musto give me your own ratings ooh, alas make we JeJelii review how them rate the jerseys

Let’s start from last to first

19 – russia

18 – france

17 – portugal

16 – switzerland

15 – sweden

14 – mexico

13 – uruguay

12 – argentina

11 – egypt

10 – croatia

9 – brazil

8 – england

7 – germany

6 – peru

5 – spain

4 – japan

3 – belgium

2 – Colombia


Phew- that na how daily mirror rate the Top Nike designed jersey for the Mundal fiesta in Russia

This page get enough ground for una all to tell me HOW UNA SEE AM I dey wait una own review

Till later

With The Sports Arcbishop, Onome Obruthe




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