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The Americas Pip Morocco To 2026 World Cup Hosting In Lopsided Vote

The joint bid from the USA, Canada, and Mexico have won the rights to stage the 2026 FIFA World Cup.

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Rising from a brief ceremony to vote the preferred host on Wednesday, FIFA’s 206 affiliates who exercised their franchise overwhelmingly picked the joint bid ahead of Morocco.

In what will go down as one of the most lopsided votings in FIFA history, America’s joint bid polled 135 votes to Morocco’s 65. The joint bid thus won by a landslide as just 104 votes would have been enough to nick the bid anyhow.

The Moroccan bid had always been headed for a cul de sac following the odds that were heavily stacked against it.

Apart from the fact that it was viewed not to have the capacity to stage an expanded World Cup of 48 teams, a World Cup in Morocco in 2026 did not promise much in terms of financial returns.

While they were promising a modest $5 billion in profit, their rival bidders were looking at a staggering $11 billion return on investment after the tournament. This, added to the fact that an African country had already staged the tournament not long ago was also a determining factor.

Already, FIFA has said the 48- team World Cup format would spin off 80 matches which would be spread amongst the co-hosts, with the United States getting the lion share.

While Canada and Mexico will host 10 matches each, America will play host to an unprecedented 60 matches. The country first staged the event as a single host in 1994.

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