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UEFA Rebrands Europa League

UEFA has rebranded its Europa league trophy, giving it a new look preparatory for next season’s Europa league.

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“The new assets allow for an easier, scalable brand integration, from soft to full-branding, on smaller surfaces and devices. All motion assets have been produced to cater for ultra-high definition broadcasting requirements,” said a UEFA press release.

The new design provides more flexible branding system to broadening the range of key visuals and allowing more branding variation.

The flexible design system supports photography and footage integration and allows partners to integrate their identity creating a strong visual association between them and the Europa League.

To go with the new look comes a new song.

“A new anthem has been composed to capture the passion and energy of UEFA Europa League match nights. The UEFA Europa League anthem is an uplifting and powerful expression that reflects the nature of the competition. It combines modern and classical elements, paying homage to tradition while also looking towards the future,” said UEFA.

The design built to support digital, mobile and social media platforms, it is intended to attract sponsor and marketing partners.


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