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How Una See Am With The Sports Archbishop

Like my warri people dey talk am you nor fit get pounded yam for house begin dey go outside dey beg for garri


Nigerian fans una too dey talk ooh na so so mouth we get walahi … imagine ooh up super eagles – up super eagles full we mouth wella yet non of we get liver to support that hailing with cash , na so so free things we like.

Since we qualified for the world cup in Russia i have taken out time to see if the patronage and hailing we give the super eagles is real or just mouthy, because my findings shock me wella

Normally we 9ja fans go to various league venues in Nigeria to watch league games for “FREE” yes ooh free they resort to all sorts of gimmicks just to get into the stadium to watch free soccer games or basketball even swimming including jumping fence just imagine ooh..then we journalist are just unbelievable them go wear all sorts of Identification cards claiming to be reporters including the defunct newspapers just to wriggle their way into the games venue.

How we claim to be fans amazes me when we cannot even buy or pay for N2000 club Tshits or N5000 jerseys talk less of being season ticket holders or even travelling fans …we need to have a rethink as to how we do these things..We must re-examine we selves to understand that when we hear Man Utd or Real madrid pays players $350k a week majority of those funds come from club merchandise LIKE JERSEY, FACE CAPS etc as well as gate takings from season ticket holders and match day tickets. Donor contributions and sponsorship being the major contributing factor. dey inside d mara .we don’t do these things yet we want our teams to prosper?

Lemme bring this home: Go to the fifa.com world cup site and check for yourself as at today only one Nigeria match at Russia 2018 world cup is sold out. That is the Argentina game for obvious reasons. The rest still dey on bespoke availability

But we fans go still dey make mouth as usual claiming passion,other countries have games all but sold out. Including we african nations.

All of Argentina’s games are sold out. Even Iceland, whose entire population is nowhere near ibadan dey sold out wella.

If you dey doubt am see how we brethren tickets sales dey go

Japan v Senegal is sold out.

Belgium v Tunisia is sold out.

Morocco v Iran is close to being sold out.

Egypt v Uruguay is sold out.

Russia v Egypt is sold out. But let us attribute that to the home team playing.

Portugal v Morocco is sold out.

Saudi Arabia v Egypt is sold out.

Spain v Morocco is almost gone.

Senegal v Colombia is also almost all gone

The only Nigeria game wey don dey sold out na the one against Argentina, now i wan ask the members of this we how una see am cathedral,


Common jersey we nor buy ooh erm e never come out as at today  i agree but if e come out we go buy? remember the yabs of the jersey?

i dey await how una see am


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