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Wenger Wants Successor To Uphold Arsenal’s Legacy

Out-going Arsenal’s manager, Arsene Wenger has adviced his would-be successor to give his best and respect the values of the club.

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Wenger in his emotional final press conference as Arsenal coach admitted it was a strange feeling to discuss with the media for the last time, stressing that his last conference seems to him like his first when he just came to Arsenal.

The Frenchman said, “The advice I’d give to him is to give his best and respect the values of the club,” Wenger said. “This club is respected all over the world and I would just like him to bring his own ideas.

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“It will be a different speech, a different way to see the game. It’s a chance for the players to see something different. As well, on the other hand, I’d say to “respect what has been built here and what people care about as well.

“You have seen on Sunday, when you speak about the goodbye I had with the fans, is that some of the fans don’t always agree with my decisions but I think they respected one thing: that I was honest, loyal and committed to the values of the club and to give my best for the club.

“They wanted to tell me ‘we agree with you on that’. And I would like my successor to do that as well.”

Wenger sudden decision to resign from the club after 22 years has left the club management jostling for the rightful candidate with former Barcelona coach, Luis Enrique, Juventus coach, Massimiliano Allegri in hot contention to take.

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