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5 Weird Facts About Chelsea’s New Manager, Maurizio Sarri

Chelsea have appointed 59-year-old Italian coach, Maurizio Sarri as the 9th manager in the Roman Abramovich era to replace Antoni Conte who leaves the Stamford Bridge after two seasons, winning the Premier League and FA Cup.

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However, the London club new head coach is known to be a man of many characters which might be new to Chelsea fans in the new season.

Below are 5 facts you need to know about Maurizio Sarri

1. He was a Banker

Before Sarri’s decision to completely focus on football coaching as a career at the age of 40, he worked as a banker at Italy’s Monte dei Paschi di Siena bank. A job that afforded him the opportunity to know most of Europe.

The former Napoli coach quit banking in 1999 to focus on his passion for football coaching, starting from the amateur clubs in Italy until he rose to become Napoli’s coach in 2015.

Chelsea fans should not be surprised if he detests breaking the bank for any star player. He was a banker and as such has a frugal approach to spending in the transfer market.

2. Never Won a Title

Except for the Champions League-winning coach, Roberto Di Mateo, who was appointed as a temporary replacement to Andre Villa-Boas, Chelsea have never appointed a manager without any prior title winning achievement in the Abramovich era.

More than half of Sarri’s 20 years coaching experience has been at amateur clubs in Italy. He has only been in Italy’s top flight football in the last four years, with Empoli and Napoli. His biggest feat was in 2017/2018 season where he came second with a club record 28-league games, amassing 91 points in the process.

3. He Smokes Like Chimney


Perhaps Sarri is the only coach in Europe’s elite club who doesn’t care about this outward perception of smoking. He is a famous smoker amongst football coaches, as he is often seen smoking on training grounds, dressing rooms, and even on during football games.

For Sarri to feel at home on the blue side of London, Chelsea will need to prepare a smoking area for their habitual smoking manager.

4. Incredible Winning Rates

Maurizio Sarri has had a higher winning rate (66 %) at Napoli than all previous Chelsea coaches in the Abramovich era. Antonio Conte only managed to gather 65 per cent winning ratio in his two years at Chelsea, while Jose Mourinho had a 62.9 per cent victory rate in his two stints at the Blue side of London.

Only Manchester City’s Pep Guardiola has more league wins (32) than Maurizio Sarri (28) in 2017/2018 Premier League season.

5. Football Style


Unlike Sarri’s possessive “tiki-taka” style of play, Chelsea are traditionally known for their defensive abilities amidst prowess in counter-attacking.

The former Napoli’s manager has been particularly for introducing the popular possessive Pep Guardiola’s style of play to the Serie A, with his team always moving in triangular formation when in possession.

London football reports that Napoli under Sarri ranked second only to Manchester City in successful passes in Europe’s top leagues, completing 14,950/16,977 (88%) of their passes.

The 59-year-old Italian once said, “If I saw my team defending and counter-attacking after 30 minutes, I would get up and return to the bank because I would not be having fun.”

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