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Fury Goes On Sex Break For Wilder


Tyson Fury says he has decided to abstain from sex with his wife to focus more and ensure his senses are at work when he faces WBC champion, Deontay Wilder on December 1 in Los Angeles.

Fury is in Los Angeles already training at Big Bear mountain as he hopes to knockout Wilder and claims the WBC title.

The British fighter in an interview as reported by mailonline said, “It is rare that you have two giants of 6ft 9in in my case and Wilder at 6ft 7in getting ready to punch each other in the face,’ said Fury.

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“At some point, we are going to hit each other but I am blessed with this sixth sense for seeing danger coming.

“I don’t want anything to interfere with that between men with our power there is always the danger of brain damage.

“So no, there has been no sex for 12 weeks.’

“I have defied the odds just being here. So I have no interest in the bookies quoting the odds against me.’

“Beating Wladimir Klitschko in Germany and now coming here, I’m becoming the road warrior. When I go jogging loads of people are coming up to me. They are fascinated about a fight between an American with dynamite power and me with my boxing skills.

‘But of course, the real difference is that I am very good looking and he is not.

“The moment will come on December 1 when we have to trade heavy blows and we will then see who can take the big punches and who can knock the other out.

“But when is all said and done this is a sport, just a fight. I don’t know Deontay yet as a man but I’ll take him for a beer when it’s over, win or lose.”


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