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Kosovo Set To Make History On Monday Night

It will be a dream come through for football fans in Kosovo when the national team play their first official international match against Faroe Islands in the UEFA Nations League game on Monday night at the Fadil Vokrri Stadium in Prishtina.

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Kosovo was admitted into the UEFA body in 2016 at the Budapest Congress and the Europe football governing body, helped build the Fadil Vokrri stadium through the HatTrick assistance programme and was named in memory of the late Kosovo Football Federation (FFK) president and other distinguished former players who passed away in June this year a statement from UEFA official website said.

The statement further revealed that the Kosovo national team has been using Albania as their home ground but will now, for the first time play in their own stadium which is considered as the temple of football in Kosovo.

“In addition to UEFA HatTrick funding, the reconstruction of the stadium – previously known as the City of Prishtina Stadium – has been financed by the Kosovo government and Prishtina municipal authorities.

“The stadium, which has a capacity of 12,810, will also be used by local club FC Prishtina for domestic and international competition matches.

“The impressive new-look venue is a shining example of the way in which UEFA’s HatTrick programme gives important sporting and infrastructure assistance to UEFA’s member associations.

“It provides further conclusive proof that HatTrick is a crucial and invaluable catalyst in the growth of football across Europe,” the statement added.

Kosovo FA boss, Agim Ademi who succeeded Fadil Vokrri’s in an interview said, “To witness this day,” he reflected, “we needed to invest a lot, and do much work”.

“We all feel excited about it,” he added. “From now on, Kosovo’s fans will have a modern football temple, proud to bear the name of our legendary former president.”


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