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Lineker mocks Benzema after Real Madrid’s thrashing by Spurs

Gary Lineker’s war of words with Karim Benzema continued on Wednesday night as the former Barcelona star again took aim at the Real Madrid forward.

As Tottenham battered Los Blancos 3-1 at Wembley, the Match of the Day presenter took to Twitter to write the following.

“Double Alli makes it 2-0. Surely Zidane will bring on Benzema now.” He concluded the tweet with a winking face emoji.

On face value the tweet – which alludes to the fact the Frenchman had little impact on the game, as he was already on the pitch – looks pretty tame, but it is in fact the latest in a bit of back and forth between the striker and pundit.

During Spurs’ 1-1 draw with Real Madrid at the Bernabeu, Lineker tweeted: “Is it me or is Benzema a tad overrated?

“A goal every other game in a team as strong as Real Madrid is nada especial. Decent not great.”

This led to the French forward accusing the former England international of “spreading hatred” in an interview ahead of the game at Wembley.

“I find it harder to accept the criticism of former players who have gone on to become journalists and who spread their hatred around,” said Benzema.

“They had the same difficulties, but have no solidarity. I feel embarrassed for him, frankly.”

Lineker responded to Benzema’s comments with the following tweet: “Asking questions about football is my job and it’s certainly not ‘spreading hatred’. Is it me or is Benzema a tad over-sensitive?”

And then took it one step further with the above tweet – poking fun at the Frenchman once more – as he watched Tottenham dominate the European Champions at the national stadium.



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