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Mixed Reactions Trail Ronaldo’s Goal Celebration Against Manchester United


Footballers celebrating goals against their former clubs often lead to deflation on the part of the former clubs’ supporters and of course his former teammates who would see it as lack of respect.

Since Cristiano Ronaldo left Manchester United, he has faced his former club in the Champions League but has never lost in all the previous meeting and when he scores he never celebrated.

Ronaldo first played against Manchester United on February 2013 at the Santiago Bernabeu in the first leg of the 2012-2013 season Champions League knockout stage after scoring against his former club, he did not celebrate but only acknowledge the jubilant fans as the game ended 1-1.

When he returned to Old Trafford with Real Madrid he scored the goal that sent the Red Devils out of the competition and felt sad he was the one who orchestrated his former team’s downfall

The former Real Madrid star scored his first Champions League goal against Manchester United this season and he celebrated in front of the Bianconeri faithful raising his jersey to reveal his abdomen.

However, his celebration has caused a lot of uproar on the social media while some fans tweeted to criticize him for celebrating against his former club other felt there it is no big deal in it.

 Hotsportstv.com present some of the Tweets;

Prem Sagar Heerani‏ @sagar_heerani I guess most of the United fans didn’t see Ronaldo apologising #Ronaldo


#ValverdeOut‏ @PlQUECHU A moment of silence for all the Man Utd fans who has been licking Ronaldo‘s arse all these years. First, he left your Club for money. Then he celebrates against your team like a twat.

Cameron  🤑‏ @Cameron82191725 I have lost respect to cristiano ronaldo After he celebrated against Manchester United. Wow, he didn’t show any respect. Sorry to say cCristianothat was a dick move. I am so angry at him. Never disrespect your old team.

10kobo‏ @Agbanye Ronaldo‘s goal counted for abs-olutely nothing

@aaryanarora10 In fact told him to F**k off Ronaldo crying about Perez ..should’ve stayed in his boots to earn respect

Omope Abdul Azeez‏ @Iam_Abdulaxis If you’re a Manchester United fan & you celebrated Ronaldo’s goal last night, please exit my club. We don’t need two faced people

Messinin‏ @mary3dex People who thought Ronaldo won’t celebrate shaa Man doesn’t share any emotions with anyone Just money, ego and his self interest

Abike‏ @Bimzee_ When Rvp celebrated against Arsenal, it was normal Now Ronaldo celebrating against u is disrespectful Y’all mad and have no one to tell u

Red Devil Bible‏ @RedDevilBible In football 3 points are more important than a 6-pack. @Cristiano

Taofeek Oseni‏ @HEAD_MASTA Cristiano Ronaldo scores against us and celebrated. This is the first time he’d do that and this is also the first time he’s tasting defeat since he left us. Look at God.


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