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Zola Frowns At Sarri’s ‘Unfair’ Red Card

Chelsea assistant manager Gianfranco Zola has expressed his frustration towards the unfair treatment of Maurizio Sarri in Chelsea’s 2-2 draw against Burnley on Monday night at Stamford Bridge.

The Blues failed to take advantage of defeats suffered by Manchester United, Arsenal and Tottenham during the weekend as Burnley shared the spoils in a frantic game that saw both sides share four goals within 25 minutes.

However, Sarri was shown a red card by the referee in injury-time and Zola was saddled with the responsibility to speak with the press after the match.

The Italian said, “Maurizio is very frustrated so would prefer not to come over here,’ Zola said. ‘He is frustrated about the game because he’s been sent off, I think he’s been offended as well and didn’t think it was the right thing to do.

“I think he’s been told something from their bench, don’t ask me exactly what, I don’t want to go down that line. We will see what we can do about it.

“We understand it’s a football game and you say words because of the adrenalin but he wasn’t particularly happy about it.

“Maurizio has been sent off while he was trying to help Kevin (Friend, the referee), to tell our players to get into position. Kevin misinterpreted that and sent him off so he is very unhappy about it.’

Reacting on the outcome of the game, he said, “We still have gained a point on other teams and won’t give up until the end.

“We tried everything to win the game. We were frustrated in the second half but we didn’t play enough and they were wasting time too much. That’s what frustrated us. We tried everything we could and that’s the reason we’re very unhappy.

“We should have done more in their box, be more effective, more precise, but the desire to win was there until the end. Especially in the first half, there was a lot of quality. To break down a team like Burnley defending their last 20 metres is not easy.’

“It’s not an easy one. I think it’s a serious injury, on his (Callum’s) Achilles tendon. I cannot tell you the full extent of his injury. I think he will have to have an examination but it’s not looking good.

“N’Golo was taken down and he fell on the foot of a player, so he had a convulsion in his ribs. He couldn’t breathe properly, but he will be alright.’


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